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Industrial Open Source Model-Based Engineering

Our Story

Cmind Inc is a privately owned company which provides industrial open source model-based engineering solutions for different application domains. Co-founders of Cmind combine decades of industrial management and development experience in model-based engineering (MBE), information and API management, and open source development in different application domains.

While the benefits of open source have been clearly proven over the last decades for many aspects of system/software development, the industrial use of open source tooling solutions is still a main issue for most organizations. A main reason for this is the lack of commercial support for open source tools. Cmind was founded to address this issue and provide industrial solutions based on open source technologies. 

Cmind works in collaboration with a network of experts to cover the different aspects required to develop and deploy industrial domain-specific solutions in different application domains. Cmind works closely with customers through the different development/deployment phases (definition of the requirements and plan, development and deployment of the customized solution, training of the team, and support & maintenance) to ensure successful deployment and usage of the solutions.