Our Solutions:

Commercial support for Eclipse Papyrus, and

Model-Based Engineering Solution for IoT, Smart City, and Digital Services

Commercial support for Eclipse Papyrus

Papyrus is the leading standards-based open-source modeling platform and tool, based on Eclipse. Papyrus provides extensive customization features, allowing it be tailored to users’ needs. Papyrus also benefits from the wide range of available Eclipse open-source plugins providing capabilities such as language support for C and Java or team support for Git and SVN.

Cmind offers commercial support and professional services for different versions of Papyrus based on the Team Cyperus commercial offering.

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Model-Based Engineering Solution for IoT, Smart City, and Digital Services

Details on this solution will be provided soon.

The four pillars of Cmind solutions

Open Source

Open source fosters collaboration, innovation, and technology transfer. In a world of constant evolution and ever increasing complexity, open source is the only solution that can allow reaching the level of evolution and technology transfer we need to succeed. For this reason Cmind is completely focused on open source.

Model-Based Engineering

Model-based engineering (MBE) leverages the use of models and model transformations to reduce development time and cost, and increase product quality. It also provides the level of technical and business agility required to enable the deployment of applications on different  targeted platforms at minimal cost. MBE is a core aspect of the Cmind solutions


Domain Specific Modeling

To facilitate adoption and maximize productivity, modeling languages and tools need to be adapted/ customized for the specifics of the targeted domains. Cmind provides the expertise and services to build customized tooling solutions for specific domains.

Industrial Solutions

A main issue often faced by organizations trying to use open source solutions is the lack of commercial industrial support. Cmind addresses this issue by providing commercial versions of open source solutions for specific application domains.